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You could open to any page, read for only ten minutes, and come away changed.  A delightful and profound handbook for life--filled with wisdom, humor, compassion and just plain good advice. Don't even consider living the rest of your life until you've read this book!
   - Kerry Blair, author of "Counting Blessings" 

"Marnie has an amazing ability to take everyday experiences and add deeper insight and meaning to them!  She not only teaches these principles, but she also references them to verses and stories in the Bible - expanding my understanding of the Bible, and also teaching how all these things work within my belief system.  Marnie does more than teach principles; she also teaches how we can apply them to our lives."
  - Alisa Hancock;

This program is outstanding!  Marnie Pehrson seems to have a connection: every week the lessons she sent were just what I needed.  It has changed my life. I'm calmer; I'm more peaceful; and I'm more grateful.  Thank you!
   - Lona Miller, RejoiceIn2007 participant

These simple yet powerful lessons have really helped me stay on track with God’s plan for my life. Marnie Pehrson is a true spiritual leader and a great source of motivation.  
   - Angie LeVan, Resilience Coach  

Is your life not going as you'd like it to? Do you struggle in relationships? Do you feel like you're a magnet for ill will or bad circumstances? Or do you just feel like there has to be something more to life than this?

Author, speaker and innovator Marnie Pehrson launched “Rejoice in 2007” to show her gratitude to God by helping thousands of Christians worldwide realize their divine purpose and better live life to its fullest. Her message: Don’t let anything stand in your way. Not worry, not fear, not the adversary and, especially, not your own limiting beliefs about yourself!

Marnie now shares these lessons about experiencing the true joy that can only be found in a close relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ. We must grow so close, she says, that our life purpose is in sync with what He created us to do. Just as an eagle is happiest when it’s soaring through the air and a horse is happiest when it’s galloping across a field, you are happiest when living the life you were born to!    

Each of the fifty-two wise, honest, and profound lessons from “Rejoice In 2007” is designed to help you discover and live your own unique life of joyful purpose. Used consistently with scripture and prayer, they will indeed fill what Goethe described as the “God-shaped hole” in every human heart.  

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