Attention: Fellow Christians

Are your dreams beyond reach? Want to make a difference, but don't know how? Are life struggles dragging you down?

Now you can finally live with joy & purpose:
Overcome worry, fear, the adversary, even your own limiting beliefs about yourself!

From: Marnie L. Pehrson
(Best selling author, creator of &

Dear Friend,

As a wife and mother of six who's been running a home business since 1990, I understand what it's like to struggle with on-going financial and family challenges. I also know what it's like to spend your life working so hard to survive day-to-day that you don't have time or energy to dream bigger. I've heard it said . . .

if Satan can't make you bad, he'll make you busy. 

That's so true! It's incredibly easy to get so bogged down in life's trials that you completely miss the joy available to those who find their purpose and live it. 

My book, You're Here for a Reason: Discover & Live Your Purpose is more than a reminder that you're here for greater things, it's a 52-lesson-roadmap to purpose and joy. Together with scriptures and prayer it will help you discover your life mission and live it. 

Drama, worry and repeating problems will disintegrate, 
leaving you with a clear focus and the ability to tap into God's power to achieve it.

Think of it this way... your Heavenly Father has a treasure chest full of blessings suspended directly over your head that He wants to give you, but it takes YOUR faith to receive them. Your faith is the key that unlocks that treasure chest. Once I learned the principles covered in this book, I started to see dramatic changes in my life, in my finances and in my home. My relationship with my Savior flourished and I began to not only see the blessings all around me, but also continue to receive many others that were once hidden from my view. 

I testify to you that . . .

these principles work. I've seen amazing results in my life 
from implementing them. Worry is like a thing of the past. 

Even when things go wrong, I experience peace. My business has prospered to a level that it supports our family of 8 (including the expenditures of a college student). My husband is able to stay home and be "Mister Mom" and casually pursue his gourmet cooking interests. Best of all, I'm able to spend my life on purpose doing what I enjoy best: teaching, writing, and highlighting truth and talent. 

I promise you that where God guides, He provides. 

The secret is that we must grow so close to Him that our life purpose is in sync with what He created us to do. 

Just as an eagle is happiest when itís soaring through the air and a horse is happiest when itís galloping across a field, you are happiest when living the life you were born to!  

Isn't it time you experienced the true joy that can only be found in a close relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ? 


Marnie Pehrson

What People Are Saying About this Book...

You could open to any page, read for only ten minutes, and come away changed.  A delightful and profound handbook for life--filled with wisdom, humor, compassion and just plain good advice. Don't even consider living the rest of your life until you've read this book!

- Kerry Blair, author of "Counting Blessings" 

"Marnie has an amazing ability to take everyday experiences and add deeper insight and meaning to them!  She not only teaches these principles, but she also references them to verses and stories in the Bible - expanding my understanding of the Bible, and also teaching how all these things work within my belief system.  Marnie does more than teach principles; she also teaches how we can apply them to our lives."
  - Alisa Hancock;

Thank you so much for creating this program! It has been an incredible blessing in my life. Iíve been able to begin to experience the faith I had been praying for (and feel confident that I can continue on with this process of strengthening my faith). I've looked forward to each new lesson and have felt as if the last one prepared me so well for what would be coming next because all week the scriptures and books I was drawn to were exactly what the next lesson would happen to be about. I would read a new lesson and feel that what you were teaching was a confirmation or in depth explanation of the truths I was now ready to understand. -Linda at  

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These simple yet powerful lessons have really helped me stay on track with Godís plan for my life. Marnie Pehrson is a true spiritual leader and a great source of motivation.  
   - Angie LeVan, Resilience Coach


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